What is SWOR?

The rich functionality of smartSWOR system not only facilitates the work of the employees associated with the hearing organisation, but also meets the needs of contractors and employees of other organisational units. It is user friendly and intuitive. It gives the ability of quick information finding and simple trial management.

SmartSWOR is a web application that is run in a web browser. The application provides the ability of single-user authentication based on Active Directory (SSO).

System functionality:

  • Integration with the departmental systems SAWA, Sędzia 2, and Praetor
  • Reservations of meeting rooms with SAWA system made by Currenda
  • Management of hearings scheduled for a current day
  • Monitoring of conflicting scheduled dates for meeting rooms and persons
  • Displaying electronic case lists, collective and interactive, next to the courtrooms
  • The case list next to the detention rooms along with an audible message of prisoner recalling
  • Ability to print the case list for an indicated day
  • Case list export to XML
  • Calendars of judges, experts, jurors, and resources
  • Display of alarm messages on case list next to the courtrooms
  • Publishing and viewing orders and messages
  • Generation of notifications, protocols and statistics
  • Registration of applications in the HelpDesk system
  • Registration of office supplies orders
  • Address book and directory of proceedings participants