We use KEMAS depositors and systems in our projects. The solutions are based on process control software and secure storage hardware. The entire design constitutes an electronic system for managing a specific organization’s resources and security in buildings. The system will manage deposits of firearms, documentation, keys, as well as streamlined content management. The key feature of KEMAS systems is their modular design, based on two primary module sizes and ten variants. A system of any design for the given organization can be wall-mounted, freestanding or built in furniture.

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We offer metal detectors of the reputable CEIA brand. We supply handheld and walk-through metal detection equipment, including for public administration institutions, prisons, security companies and industrial plants.
CEIA as a manufacturer of detectors has been operating since 1960 and is now the leader of development and manufacture of such devices. The solutions it offers include metal detection equipment for effective ingress and egress control. The extensive range of CEIA equipment is characterized by stable operation, high sensitivity and resistance to interference. The majority of the product range covers walk-through metal detection equipment which can be divided into two sub-groups: column and panel metal detectors and handheld detectors, at different levels of technology advancement, matching the customers’ individual requirements.


The Prison Guard system we resell offers inmate monitoring options. It allows officers to intervene quickly as necessary in case of any hazard to inmates’ or detainees’ life and health.
PrisonGuard line products were developed with the intention of improving the level of security at prison organization units. They are distinguished by high quality of components and software used, as well as modular design for gradual extension with additional components.

Range of proposal:

  • Intercom systems for voice communication between inmates and wards
  • Radio broadcasting systems for music and verbal broadcasts to inmates from the prison broadcasting center (can be integrated with the intercom system)
  • Visitation room systems to facilitate visitor-inmate conversations in separate rooms, with physical separation as necessary
  • Control systems for managing and monitoring subsystems installed in the facility

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