SmartSWOR is an application that supports organization and management of hearings, date and time control for rooms and individuals. It offers single user authentication on the basis of Active Directory (SSO).

Benefits of the application

  • Integration with Division-specific systems (SAWA, Sędzia 2 and Praetor)
  • Booking rooms from SAWA system by Currenda
  • Managing the hearings scheduled for the given day
  • Displaying electronic lists of daily cases in front of rooms (integrated and interactive)
  • Calendars for judges, court experts, jurors and resources
  • Address book and directory of proceeding participants
  • List of cases in front of detention unit, with detainee calling sound message
  • Options to print the list of cases for the given day
  • Case list export to XML file
  • Displaying alarm messages on case list screens in front of rooms
  • Generating notifications, protocols and statistics
  • Call registration in HelpDesk
  • Registration of orders for office consumables
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ScreenBullet is a system for presentation of multimedia contents. It facilitates management of information displayed on monitors, information panels and interactive kiosks.

Advantages of the system

  • Intuitive and simple user interface for quickly creating advanced contents
  • Options for building interactive presentations and advertising programs
  • Functions for creating schedules
  • Generating statistics for counting duration of ads and user interaction
  • On-line and off-line presenter work


ModeoTV is an innovative solution on the CCTV market, dedicated to hospitals or clinics willing to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of their patients. The system adapts perfectly to the existing hospital TV network facilities and can be freely extended with more LED displays in patient rooms. It offers options for mobile payments (on a smartphone) and distant payments (website).

Advantages of the system

  • Remote information system. The administrator receives notice of coins/notes full
  • Receiving charges in coins or any notes, returning change
  • Magnetic and/or chip card reader (cash cards and credit cards)
  • Printing devices that can be registered for fiscal purposes
  • Additional information can be published, e.g. about the hospital, or doctors currently on duty
  • Recording every user operation in system logs
  • Monitoring function for reviewing complaints in detail
  • Foolproof design


E-reading is a system for retrieving electronic reports. This innovative solution is dedicated to those institutions of the judiciary that have internal electronic protocol archives or will use the resources of Information Management Centers.

Advantages of the system

  • Can be used in and outside Court
  • Options for searching and replaying recorded contents
  • Searching for footage by: hearing reference, Court name, Judge’s first name or surname
  • Replaying footage from a location of the user’s choice, or added with the search engine
  • Displaying the exact video duration with a list of notes added by judge and secretary
  • Access to footage files on one of the available levels
  • All recordings available in Court
  • Footage assigned to the Judge’s division
  • Footage of hearings attended by the given Judge
  • Rewinding to the point selected by user


SmartJob is a system of job offer presentation, targeted primarily at Job Offices willing to improve their service standards. Our proprietary solution can display job offers and training information on information panels and interactive kiosks in an attractive and highly intuitive manner.

Advantages of the system

  • Highly interactive
  • Easy job offer search
  • Graphic motif selection
  • Options for highlighting specific information in ads

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