SmartDoc (Electronic Document Management) is a system that supports handling documents, cases and processes within the institution, in electronic form. It offers storage, processing and quick search for documents and cases.

Benefits of the application

  • Defining personnel privileges by range  responsibility
  • Designing document handling paths with a visual document management process editor
  • Defining customized registers and reports
  • Registration of documents from e-mail with embedded e-mail client
  • Quick and simple document search, including with bar code reader
  • Transmission of document between EDM Systems
  • Dynamic structure definition – fully adapted to the characteristics of the unit
  • Easy management of the whole application configuration parameters
  • Bar code printing and handling
  • Integration with ePUAP and other customer service platforms
  • Differentiated document access privileges
  • Classification of documents by relevance to the case
  • Signing documents with secure electronic signature
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SmartArch (Company Archive) is an application for managing complete archive operations on documents provided on paper and in electronic format. Facilitates document flow control and offers quick access to documents through search engines with an extensive range of criteria.

Benefits of the application

  • Keeping complete record of archive files
  • Managing files transferred to the archive
  • Preparing archive files for expert assessment, scrapping
  • Creating and transmission of electronic archive batches to the State Archive
  • Creating prints of acceptance inventory records and certificates
  • Creating reports matching actual user needs
  • Booking file loans, preparation of lending cards and borrowers
  • Generating a complete archive structure as per the customer’s needs
  • Building extensive dictionaries for archive configuration
  • Updating the application on the server side
  • Building a customized user database, or integration with Active Directory
  • Integration with SmartDoc
    Preparing and recording SZO documents from organizational units

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