• PKP [Polish State Railway] Szczecin

    PKP [Polish State Railway] Szczecin

    Maxto and a civil contractor Winnicki were selected to carry out reconstruction and renovation of the Central Railway Station in Szczecin, together with track and platform infrastructure. We will design and thereafter carry out work on telecommunication, IT and electrical system installations.

    Within the scope of the project, we will develop external and internal power supply, medium voltage and low voltage installations with service lines, a transformer station and a metering system (including remote reading of meters). We will deploy such systems as: fire alarm system, LAN, CCTV, robbery and burglary alarm system, access control system. But this is not all. We are going to fit the building with smart management systems (BMS), an intercom system, a passenger information system, and a modern clock system with central control. Moreover, we will be in charge of illuminating the retaining wall in the vicinity of the railway station.


    Project value
    99 million PLN

  • General Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw

    General Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw

    On 11.03.2015 r. signed in Warsaw agreement of the Prosecutor General for the expansion of storage space and computing power system digitization act in the common organizational units of the prosecution in the framework of the project “Implementation of digitization act preparatory proceduresand the creation of local and central repository of records in digital form universal organizational units ofthe prosecution “.
    Completion of the project: 10.12.2015r.

    Project value
    8 000 000, 00 zł netto

  • Radom Oncology Center

    Radom Oncology Center

    On 18.09.2015 r. Entered into an agreement with the company ROSA-BUD SA for complex execution of electric and telecommunication installations within the project entitled .: “Construction Department of Radiation Oncology Center of Radom in Radom Street. University 6 ”

    Completion of works: 31.12.215

    Project value
    5 050 000,00 PLN

  • The Polish State Railways SA with its registered office in Warsaw – (2014/2015)

    The Polish State Railways SA with its registered office in Warsaw – (2014/2015)

    On 10.01.2014 r. Entered into an agreement in consortium with WINNICKI SA. in Sochaczew with Polish State Railways SA for the design and construction works within the framework of the project “Reconstruction of the railway station building Szczecin Main with The platform track and infrastructure”, the draft OPI & E 7.1 – 52 who is applying for support from the European Union Within Priority VII of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment – environmentally-friendly transport, Measure 7.1.

    Completion of works: 10.31.2015

    Project value
    80 990 000,00 PLN. The value of the work done by MAXTO is: 17 073 170.73 PLN

  • The Marshal’s Office of Kujawsko -­ Pomorskie (2014/2015)

    The Marshal’s Office of Kujawsko -­ Pomorskie (2014/2015)

    Construction of the LAN with the delivery of active devices for 26 public institutions located in kujawsko pomorskim.

    Project value
    + 4.0 million zł

  • Marshal’s Office of Podlaskie Voivodeship (2014/2015)

    Marshal’s Office of Podlaskie Voivodeship (2014/2015)

    Supply of IT hardware and software, construction of 5 server rooms, including connection of 136 locations, and commissioning of a shared data bus.

    Project value
    +48.3 million PLN

  • General Prosecutor’s Office (2014)

    General Prosecutor’s Office (2014)

    Supply of server facilities and network infrastructure, adaptation of server rooms for the purposes of the digitalization process of resources of the General Prosecutor’s Office at 57 locations of Appeals Prosecutors’ and Regional Prosecutors’ Offices in Poland.

    Project value
    +18.9 million PLN

  • Municipality of Białystok (2013/2014)

    Municipality of Białystok (2013/2014)

    Providing Internet access to 700 households at risk of digital exclusion and at 100 organizational units reporting to the Town of Białystok within the framework of coordination activity.

    Project value
    +5.7 million PLN

  • Ministry of Justice (2013/2014)

    Ministry of Justice (2013/2014)

    Implementation of a Workflow system to facilitate the functioning of the public court system through modernization of the functioning of the judiciary.

    Project value
    +1.2 million PLN

  • Łucznik Arms Factory (2013/2014)

    Łucznik Arms Factory (2013/2014)

    Installation, setup and commissioning of telecommunication/IT systems with
    X-ray machine and metal detectors.

    Project value
    +2.4 million PLN

  • Town Police Headquarters in Płock (2012/2014)

    Town Police Headquarters in Płock (2012/2014)

    Installation, setup and commissioning of telecommunication, IT and electrical systems with VOIP telephony and active devices.

    Project value
    +10.6 million PLN

  • Poviat of Przysucha (2012/2014)

    Poviat of Przysucha (2012/2014)

    Building a radio network in the territory of four poviats. Commissioning the radio network and connecting beneficiaries to the network

    Project value
    +12.2 million PLN

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